Rural Estate Natural Environment

Rural Estate Management Natural Environment

‚ÄúSustainability and the environment are no longer buzz words; sensible strategies leverage tax efficiencies and add value to profitability‚ÄĚ

Whether its leverage of legislation and tax breaks or simply use of good husbandry, environmental issues will be key to successful development of your Estate.

We are able to advise on compliance with existing legislation and potential regulatory frameworks with reference to UK and EU jurisdictions. Our experience includes the designation process and consequent management of land designated for nature conservation interests.

Service areas include:

  • Estate Environment Policy
  • Ecological (Flora and Fauna) Audit
  • The Green Premium
  • Organic or Non-Organic

Estate Management Mines & Minerals

Rural Estate Natural EnvironmentWe are able to advise on the development of mineral exploitation projects, leases, sales and purchases.

Diversification / Alternative Land Use

As part of our service, we advise on the opportunities available to clients, and the legal and taxation implications and assist in implementation. Alternative revenue streams to be considered include the opportunities for return from wind farms. We are able to advise on a number of option agreements, leases and sales in this growing area.

We are experts in developing additional income streams and adding value.