About Sherborn Estate Management

Estate Business Consultancy and Management

Estate business consultancy and management makes a genuine and proven difference to my clients. I am very proud of my track record. Based on many years experience I have developed systems, significant knowledge and unique measurement tools from which your Estate business can grow sustainably and profitably.

Management from the top down

You get me and nothing but me; I will choose the best expert for each specialist job. This is management from the top down rather than from the junior assistant up. My feet are on the ground metaphorically and actually: your ground.

As a consultant and business manager with both The Midas and The Human touch, I can read a set of accounts with a forensic eye and apply what I read to what I can see on the ground. I have the depth of knowledge to anticipate the implications, legal, human and financial of any proposed changes.

As such I have developed tools to measure and illustrate performance including an assessment of premium disposable profit and the cost in capital terms of decision taking.

Work completed includes:

  • an AD plant, woodchip boiler with RHI
  • a stud, in hand arable, dairy and stock enterprises;
  • the purchase of 200 acres of adjoining land at below average market rates;
  • commercial property;
  • estate insurance broking;
  • employment selection;
  • Agricultural Holdings Act and Agricultural Tenancies Act tenancies, together the general umbrella work that you would expect from your agent.

Management in Action

“David has been a breath of fresh air: technically superb, a very good communicator and the proof is in our experience of the significant difference he has made to our bottom line.

He spotted opportunities and realised them with tenacity and acumen”

Lord H, Estate owner, South of England